What Services Does a Piano Moving Company Offer

Whether you own a grand piano or a spinet, your instrument needs special attention while transporting. Before hiring a piano mover, make sure you research a number of movers in the area. Make sure that you only hire a top-rated piano moving company to assist you in piano transport to prevent the risk of physical damage to your instrument. Read reviews about local movers before hiring one to ensure that they will properly transport your piano. Ask the manager of the piano movers to give you references or a portfolio of their work to ensure that they will do an excellent job of piano movers.

While you’re looking for piano movers in your area, ask them about their safety record. This is important if you don’t want to be liable when something goes wrong with the move. They should have a liability policy that covers any damages or injuries that may occur during the move. They should also have health and safety regulations in place that all employees must follow. Ask the manager of the moving company to show you the policy for their moving division.

The most common way that piano movers transport pianos is on flatbeds. Most piano movers will have trucks with beds where the instrument is placed inside. Others will use ramps or cranes to lift the instrument to the truck. It depends on the type and size of the instrument, but the general rule is to keep the instrument out of contact with any other objects while in the truck. When the instrument is lifted from the ground, it’s important to secure it as tightly as possible so that it doesn’t move and become a safety hazard.

Many piano movers use dollies and platforms to move pianos. These items are designed to support the weight of the instrument without placing the instrument on top of anything else. The dollies can be pushed under the instrument, and then the platform or dollies are rolled away and secured under the vehicle. Piano movers can also remove the dollies and roll them away if there is not enough space in the truck.

A move can be complicated if you don’t have all of your moving equipment together and ready to go. If you have rental equipment like the piano or other expensive pieces, it’s best to consult a professional piano movers to see what type of equipment is needed and how safe the move is. A professional moving company will help you determine the best way to move your instrument safely and efficiently.

When hiring piano movers, it’s a good idea to consider how large the moving vehicle needs to be. This will limit the options available to you. A standard moving truck isn’t usually large enough to carry many household mowers, so only consider using professional piano movers that have the proper equipment for moving pianos. If you own more than one piano, or plan on putting them on separate vehicles, you’ll likely want to contact the same company for assistance with the transportation of the other instruments.

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Whether you’re a New York moving services business or simply looking for a local piano mover, it’s helpful to know exactly how much the service will cost before they take possession of your instrument. Most professional moving companies will quote one price for the entire move, but it’s important to ask about the breakdown fees, which should include a breakdown of how the transport is paid for. Some companies will bill you for each item transported, while others will bill you for a flat rate based on how many instruments are being moved. Find out what the complete breakdown costs will be ahead of time, so you’ll have an idea whether or not you’ll be able to afford the total amount.

When you’re ready to schedule your next piano moving day, don’t forget to ask your piano movers for a list of recommended dollies and other equipment that every piano mover carries. You may find that this information can be found online, or even printed out from the company’s website. Every piano moving company is different, so it’s always helpful to know what other professionals in the field have recommended as well.