Questions to Ask Before Hiring Piano Movers

For a simple, local relocation, your moving expenses may be as low as several hundred dollars. Moving cross-city? The cost of piano movers can range from a few hundred to more than $5,000. Here are several important things that the piano movers need to know to give you a true estimate:

The kind of piano being moved. There are various kinds of moving pianos – upright, baby grand, and family heirloom. When the household mover is unsure about the type of instrument to be moved, ask the piano movers for advice. In addition, the piano movers must also know the exact size and measurements of the rooms to be handled in order for them to provide the proper services.

The instruments to be moved. As stated above, there are various kinds of pianos to be moved. Household movers offer a variety of expert services depending on what instrument they are moving. For instance, if a piano is going to be moved in only one room, it would be advisable to contact movers specializing in only that particular kind of instrument. However, if several instruments will be moved, household movers can recommend various moving companies based on their experience with each type of instrument.

The size and dimensions of the rooms to be handled. When the piano movers are preparing the truck for the move, they check the interior dimensions of the truck. Then, the larger freight is loaded first and the smaller ones after. A piano movers service is more recommended if numerous instruments will be packed inside. Then, the larger upright piano is placed on top of the smaller upright.

The weight of the piano. Most families move their pianos by hiring a professional truck. But, for those who have small pianos, it is more advisable to pick up the instrument by lifting the legs and putting it on a small diameter dolly. The dolly is then lifted with the help of the crane.

Lifting the upright pianos. Before lifting, the movers apply vibration strips to the bottoms of the arms so that they will not damage the instrument. After all the instruments have been lifted, the movers place them on the dolly.

The total cost. After the movers load the instrument, they provide a free quote. The price includes the lifting and packing of the instrument, and the actual moving. It also includes the charges for the crane operator.

Moving a piano by yourself is not recommended. Especially if you do not have any experience in moving pianos. Instead, hiring a professional piano mover is safer and much more convenient.

If you decide to move the piano on your own, you should be aware that pianos are fragile. They can easily get damaged in even the safest of locations. Even if they are well cared for during their lifetime, they can still become damaged. Therefore, before even taking the initiative to move the instrument, be sure to consider the safety factors involved. By hiring professionals, you are ensuring that the moving process will be done safely and properly.

What about moving pianos long distances? Long distance moving can be a problem as well. There are some risks involved such as the difficulty in reaching the pianos and having to transport them by truck. So, if you have these problems, it may be better to hire a professional piano mover instead. These pros can be hired from a local moving company or from the internet.

How long does it take to move pianos long distances? The answer is longer than other types of moving procedure. It can take anything between one day and a couple of weeks depending on how far the piano needs to be moved and where it is in the new home. The movers will use special equipment to cross-country move your piano but it will be easier with a professional team. They will also help to pack and unpack it safely.

I am moving across town. Do I need a piano moving service? Yes, you will need to rent a dolly or three when moving across town because local movers do not come equipped with dollies or cranes. Make sure the company uses cranes and dollies whenever possible because this is the safest way to move an instrument over short distances.