How Much Does it Cost to Use Piano Movers

Many people may not know that the best way to move a piano is by professional piano movers. This method of moving your piano has many advantages over the other methods available. Moving a piano is a long and difficult process and takes skill and planning. The longer you move your piano, the more opportunity there is for damage to the instrument. With movers that have experience moving pianos, moving them will be a breeze and the chance for damage is almost non-existent.

In my previous article I discussed the importance of hiring a household mover when moving pianos from one home to another. While hiring this service may be an option in some situations, I encourage you to consider using a piano movers company instead. It is far too easy for families to forget about the importance of hiring professionals to move their pianos, but they can be an invaluable asset to moving families in a number of different situations.

The most common reason that families hire professional piano movers is to move uprights. Uprights are the tall, thin wooden blocks at the top of a grand piano. These are very heavy and must be moved with careful maneuvering. While pulling uprights off a floor will not be overly difficult, it can be a long arduous task if the move is being done by someone who is not familiar with moving uprights. That’s why I encourage you to use the services of a professional moving company when it comes time to move your grand pianos.

Uprights are rarely the only part of a piano that needs to be moved, as instruments are typically broken down into their various parts. Special dollies are designed to fit securely on each stage so that instruments can be disassembled and securely placed in the dollies for transportation. Piano movers have the experience required to move pianos with ease so that your instrument will arrive in just the right place.

Uprights are often the second heaviest parts of a piano and can easily break during transit if the move is not done properly. That’s why it’s so important to call in a professional mover to remove the upright from the floor, stack the Upright in the truck and move it safely to the truck along with other instruments. Many piano movers have experience in handling large and tall instruments like upright. They will know how to lift the instrument safely and slowly so that the instrument doesn’t become damaged while being moved. A small diameter dolly is usually used for small to medium sized upright pianos to ensure the instrument is safely stored during transport.

The blankets that cover the top and sides of a piano get extremely dirty during moving. As the instrument is moved up and down the floor, its bottom will become damp and start collecting crumbs, shoe polish, etc… The movers will bring a special carpet cleaner to remove this residue from the blanket before putting it inside the vehicle. When the move is over, the blankets are rinsed out and ready to be reused. Upright pianos are wrapped in heavy blankets to protect them from outside elements.

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The last two items in a piano’s moving checklist are the strings and hammers. The strings are more prone to damage during transportation than the other two. When a grand piano is moored at night, there is no way to prevent the strings from getting wet. A good moving company will rent or lease a mobile string sound system to protect the instruments during transportation. Just like the blankets, all of the strings and hammers are washed and cleaned before being transported to the new home.

The cost for hiring professional piano movers will depend on the type and size of the instrument. Moving companies usually charge by the mile, which would be approximately three to four hours of moving time. Call your local piano moving services company to find out what their quoted price is.